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Problems to be paid attention to and how to judge the quality of small sightseeing trains?

Before the operation of the small train ride, the staff should check whether the surrounding environment hinders the normal operation of the equipment, whether tourists can leave the equipment quickly and safely in an emergency, and other common safety factors.

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Equipment operators should pay close attention to the behavior of their customers when train equipment is in operation. Once the behavior that does not meet the safety requirements is found, it should be stopped in time. And the operator should pay attention to whether the sound of the equipment is normal. If there is any abnormality, please press the emergency stop button immediately to eliminate the fault and ensure the personal safety of tourists.

After the operation of the small train, we need to clean and maintain it regularly. Its troubleshooting is also a very important part of maintenance work.

As a new type of electric sightseeing train, it is widely used for short-distance personnel transfer, and received a strong response from the market once it was released. So how should we judge the quality when we buy it?

1. Workmanship of the overall frame. At present, the main processing method of the frame is manual welding, so when choosing a small train manufacturer, it is necessary to pay attention to its welding process and material selection.

2. Style: In addition to the slight difference in quality, the rest is the comparison of styles, which is also the main problem to attract customers. Therefore, we are more inclined to choose products with fashionable styles and rich colors.


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