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How can a newly opened amusement park expand its influence?

For investors in amusement parks, the importance of the location of the park and the selection of amusement equipment is unquestionable, but the publicity work is also an important part that cannot be ignored. When the park first opened, investors should try to let as many people know as possible. Only when they know and leave a good impression on tourists after their first visit, will they be more willing to come to play again. So how to effectively increase the popularity and let more people know?

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1. Social software

Playground operators can spread opening information through social software such as INS, Twitter, Facebook, youtube and tiktok. The power of the web cannot be underestimated. By collecting likes, forwarding, screenshots, etc., consumers can enjoy certain discounts. As a result, the park can promote its own influence and expand its popularity. Therefore, this method has worked well and has been touted by many merchants from all walks of life.
2. Brochure

Amusement park operators need to print some exquisite promotional pages for distribution. The content is generally an introduction to the playground, and some preferential policies can be formulated to bring real benefits to everyone. The location of the distribution can be a densely populated place, such as the entrance of a school or the entrance of a large supermarket. These places have a large flow of traffic, so the publicity effect is remarkable.

3. Cooperate with schools

Most of the potential customers of playgrounds are children. Then you can go to local primary schools with reputation and cooperate with them. Let the elementary school organize children in stages, batches and orderly, and let them go to the amusement park for free. This will not only improve the overall image of the playground, but also convert it into potential customers. It can be said to kill two birds with one stone.


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