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Precautions for the management of large amusement equipment

With the development of society, amusement facilities has played an important role in our daily life, it can create joy, enriched the cultural life of people, large amusement facilities is the eight kinds of special equipment (boiler, pressure vessel, pressure pipes, elevators, lifting machinery, large amusement facilities, cableway, the court is special motor vehicles) in the “special equipment”, which is the most concern of the society, What should the investors pay attention to in the management of large amusement facilities?  

  1. Registration of use of amusement facilities  

The use registration system of amusement facilities is an important part of the special equipment safety supervision and management system. Before special equipment is put into use, the user must go through the registration formalities with the special equipment supervision agency in the region, and then it can be put into use.  

  1. Safety management of professionals  

The Regulations on The Inspection of Amusement Facilities require that operating and using units should be equipped with qualified operators, necessary tools and equipment in accordance with the requirements of ammonium technical specifications. For example, maintenance personnel must pass training examinations and obtain the qualification of special equipment operators.  

  1. Emergency plan for unexpected problems  

Corresponding emergency plans shall be formulated for different amusement equipment, and the drill records shall be archived in the equipment technical archives for convenience in the future.  

The safety of amusement facilities is directly related to the safety of people’s lives. Therefore, the supervision of government departments on large-scale amusement facilities is extremely strict. In the purchase process of large-scale amusement facilities, in addition to meeting buyers’ requirements for market and operation, at the same time,  It is also necessary to comply with existing laws, regulations, rules, safety technical specifications and national standards related to large-scale amusement facilities.  



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