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The feedback of bumper car ride from our client

We received the feedback video from our client this morning, our client order 10 sets bumper car rides from our factory, He started his business as soon as he received the products, he said that the equipment was absolutely what he wants, we customized the color and logo according to his requirement. The quality is also very guaranteed. The business income is very promising, during the trial period, he has received many steady customers.

He launched a series of promotional offers, such as membership discounts, old customers bring new customers to experience the activity for free. Such promotion activity is very effective, he not only locked a few old customers in a short time, and quickly achieved the return of funds. So our client was very satisfied with our products and services, he said he will enlarge his business next year, of course, we are very glad to be his long term business partner.

We are professional park rides manufacturer, we have all kinds of amusement park equipment for choosing, excellent customized service is also available. So if yo are looking for park rides, please contact us for details.


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