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Amusement Kangaroo Jump Rides


Kangaroo Jump is a new type of amusement bounce equipment developed by our company. The cockpit shape is composed of six groups of kangaroos. The shape is cute and vivid, and it is very childlike. It is suitable for people of different ages. The amusement equipment runs with wonderful music. The cockpit will jump up and down as the equipment rotates, just like sitting in the kangaroo’s belly, giving you a different ride experience and fun.

Structure and working principle:

The equipment consists of a central support, a support arm, an air compressor, a cylinder, a pneumatic component, FRP decorations, and an electrical control system.

Working principle: After the passenger is seated, the equipment start to run, the motor drives the swing support to start the rotation. The air compressor starts to work at the same time, the air pressure drives the cylinder to work, and the expansion and contraction produces the effect of jumping up and down. After 5 minutes of operation (the time can be adjusted), the equipment stops, the passenger stops. Leave from the exit.


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