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How to Choose a Self Control Plane?

Self control plane is a relatively common amusement equipment in playgrounds and is deeply loved by children. Whether it is a novice entering the amusement industry or a veteran who has worked hard in the industry, the self control plane is a very good entrepreneurial project. However, how to choose a good self control plane has become a big problem. The following is a detailed introduction for you:
self control plane
1. The first thing you see is the shape of the selfcontrolplane. If you can attract attention in appearance, the business will not be bad, so the paint quality of the equipment is particularly important.
(1) To distinguish from the surface of the equipment, the polished surface of the good equipment is smooth and bright in color, while the poor one is dull in color, unreasonable in matching, and the color is not durable.
(2) From the point of lighting effects, the lighting effects of good and poor equipment are quite different.

2. The mechanical properties of the equipment need to be determined. At present, the selfcontrolplane is divided into two types: pneumatic control and hydraulic control. Among them, the pneumatic control equipment is the best because the performance is relatively stable.
(1) Hydraulic control equipment is greatly affected by temperature, and it is troublesome to add hydraulic oil regularly.
(2) The operating state of the equipment should be considered. Customers need to personally test the machine to experience the operation effect of the equipment.

3. Pay attention to the quality assurance service. The purchase of equipment is not only about the equipment itself, but also its services.

4. If the equipment fails in the later operation, a good manufacturer will save you a lot of time and money.


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