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What are the precautions for the operation of amusement park equipment?

Before planning to operate an amusement park, you must first understand the relevant laws and regulations, such as which amusement park equipment is allowed to operate in the park, and which amusement equipment is prohibited by national laws and regulations. In addition, operators should also read the relevant information on economic regulations, labor regulations, social security, health, fire protection and other amusement park equipment regulations to ensure the safety of passenger.

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The operator needs to do a good job in the maintenance of the park equipment, prolong the service life of them and avoid the situation that the equipment is temporarily unable to operate due to failure during the peak period. Therefore, the operator needs to carry out regular check and maintenance of equipment.

Operators must be familiar with the amusement equipment they operate, such as the characteristics of some products, precautions for use, and maintenance methods. It is also necessary to understand the built-in items of the product, identify the quality of the product to prepare for future business problems.

In addition, the safety of passenger should be observed at any time. Here are a few things that the staff need to pay attention to when passenger play in the park:

1. When playing some exciting large-scaleequipment,the staff should first check whether the seat belt is damaged, whether the safety pressure bar has been buckled, and whether there are signs of loosening. If it is found that the equipment have abnormal sounds,smells and shake, etc., the management personnel should organize the passenger to leave the equipment in time before the equipment is started. 

2. If the passengerfeel unbearable physical discomfort during the play, they should promptly and loudly remind the staff to stop. In addition, passengers who are trapped in the air or in the cockpit due to the malfunction of theequipment, do not panic or move, do not stretch their hands, arms and feet outside, and do not take dangerous actions such as jumping from the air. 

The safety of amusement park equipment relies on regular safety inspections. Safe operation is inseparable from a strict safety system. Regardless of the size of the operating area and the price of operating equipment, it is necessary to have a sense of safe operation. This awareness runs through the beginning of the daily operation, and carefully inspects every operation of the equipment. Only by detailing each link can operational security avoid risks.


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