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Self control plane

The amusement equipment market has entered a period of rapid development with the influx of the times, the diversification of the market, and the experience needs of consumers. There are new products on the market every year. The design is very novel and beautiful, taking into account safety and comfort, and is especially loved by customers. With the increasing innovation of amusement facilities, more and more amusement projects bring surprise experiences to tourists, among which the self control plane is a project that is well received by tourists.

Self Control Plane Rides

The self control plane project brings a rich sense of experience to the tourists. After the tourists are seated and fasten their seat belts, the equipment is activated, and the cockpit of the plane rotates around the central axis of the rocket, undulating up and down in waves. In the simulated sound effects and gorgeous lighting atmosphere, tourists can feel more and more delicate theme features and details, so as to produce a natural and immersive play experience. This equipment is conducive to increasing customer stickiness, realizing secondary consumption and in-depth experience tours, and is especially suitable for parent-child games.

The life and growth of children are the concerns of countless families. In the new era, we have many ways to care for children. No matter in terms of education or health, parents will not ignore them, especially the way children play. It can not only enrich the children’s childhood but also increase the close relationship between parents and children.

Nowadays, amusement equipment is more inclined to the interaction between parents and children, and self control plane is a typical example. This product gives a strong sense of technology which could satisfy children’s fantasy about technology. It is suitable for various indoor and outdoor venues such as playgrounds, squares, parks, kindergartens, restaurants, communities, and residential quarters. It has the characteristics of durability, good stability and beautiful appearance. It is deeply liked by children and welcomed by the market. It is a device that our investors or entrepreneurs can buy with confidence.

The self control plane produced by Dinis Amusement has complete specifications, safety and stability, and can also be customized according to customer needs and provide site planning and design. Welcome your inquiry!


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