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What are the recommendations for parent-child amusement equipment?

In the face of the growing tourism and cultural industry, people’s pursuit of life quality is gradually improving. For example, the outdoor parent-child leisure time on weekends has changed from the past family gatherings to the current outdoor play. The traditional way of play seems to be unable to fully meet parent-child needs, and the current parent-child tour, interactive experience and other modes have attracted the attention of many people. More novel play experiences can further promote parent-child relationships and attract consumers. Children’s personality, independence, self-confidence, and liveliness need to be cultivated through external factors, so what are the recommendations for parent-child amusement equipment?


1. Physical development

The children outdoor physical fitness development project includes many small amusement facilities. This is a combination of sports and amusement equipment, such as the combination of a single-plank bridge and a sand pool. It can exercise their body balance and make children feel fun. This can also reflect the role of parents, who can guide on the side, and after physical training, parents’ care is also a kind of parent-child interaction.

2. Slide combination

The design of traditional plastic slides is relatively simple, and there are no bright spots, which can be seen in various outdoor places. Parent-child amusement focuses more on interaction, so Dinis amusement has designed slide combination specifically for the needs of beauty, function, interaction, etc., which makes up for the shortcomings of traditional slides. The combination slide is more interactive and is also a relatively popular amusement project.

3. Fashionable swing

The gameplay of the fashionable swing is different from the traditional swing that can only be used by a single person. The swing allows multiple people to participate, which solves the situation that a single swing can only be played by one person, and other children are waiting beside. It can effectively promote parent-child interaction and enhance parent-child relationship.

In fact, there are many novel and unique amusement items in outdoor parent-child amusement equipment, which can enrich children’s personality and create interactive fun between parents and children!


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