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Why is disco tagada so popular?

Disco turntable is a kind of very interesting amusement equipment, a group of people around in a disk, as the music sounded, the disc is launched, circles of people was rocked the east west shaking give you different play experience. 

Relative to the big pendulum, rotating tower, etc. These exciting amusement equipment, disco turntable and don’t have much security configuration, such as the safety rope and safety pressure bar, tourists sit around the circle sofa, when strong music sounded, tourists with the turbulence of rotary uncontrolled out of gravity, feel the joy of lightning in the whirl of the earth.  

As it says on a disco turntable is no security pressure bar or safety rope, such as the bondage of security configuration, but this does not represent the disco turntable is unsafe, on the contrary, disco turntable covered protection at the bottom of the mat, fence surrounding the appearance with color protection sponge,  so that the body can be touched by a soft and gentle protective layer to ensure the safety of the passengers.  

Moreover, the disco turntable is a perfect choice for all ages.  Disco turntable equipment operation frequency is adjustable, the intensity of equipment operation is optional. Cabin protection measures to achieve no hard surface and no hard Angle coverage, high safety factor which can be used for passengers of different ages to play.  Such equipment can be used by different tourists, that is an important reason why the disco wheel is popular and favored.  

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