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The Role and Precautions of Tires in Pirate Ship

The pirate ship is a common outdoor amusement equipment in modern funfair. Generally, it swings back and forth, and the swing angle is about plus or minus 45 degrees. The hull of the pirate ship is powered by an AC motor, which is connected to the transmission tire through a belt. The entire driving seat uses the cylinder rod to move up and down, so that the tire is in contact with the bottom of the ship, and friction is generated to make the hull swing back and forth.

Amusement Pirate Ship for Sale

As an important part of a pirate ship, tires have the following main functions:

1. Support the weight of the pirate ship and bear the load of the equipment

2. Transmit traction and braking torque to ensure equipment adhesion

3. Reduce the vibration and impact force when the equipment is running, and prolong the service life of the equipment

4. Auxiliary control of the running speed and swing frequency of the pirate ship

5. Ensure the stability of equipment operation

6. Reduce the operating noise of the equipment.


1. Pay attention to whether the tire pressure is normal

2. Adjust and control the running speed, starting speed, braking speed, etc. within the normal range

3. Operate according to regulations correctly

4. Pay attention to the temperature changes of the tires

5. Avoid overloading

6. The aging and scrapping management of tires is generally 3 years, depending on the situation

7. Check and fill in records daily

8. Problems found should be dealt with in a timely manner and records and summaries should be kept.


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