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How to guarantee the service life of outdoor amusement equipment?

As we all know, the service life of outdoor amusement equipment is only 5-8 years. It is normal for the product to have cracks after being used outdoors for a long time and subjected to a series of wind and rain. But can we maintain the maximum service life of an amusement device through human interference? The answer is of course. An independent amusement equipment without any protection measures will be affected by many factors due to weather changes, and the service life cannot be guaranteed. And through formal maintenance, you can reach the maximum service life, how to do it?

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1: Consider the quality

The product quality of outdoor amusement equipment has a very high influence on the service life, because various materials have different control capabilities for outdoor environmental factors. Ordinary stainless steel materials may only last for 3 years, but 304 stainless steel materials can guarantee normal use in any weather, and the longer the time, the smoother the surface. When it comes to product quality, in fact, the effect of products produced by regular manufacturers will be better.

2: Maintenance

There are two main types of outdoor amusement parks on the market today, one is unpowered amusement equipment and the other is mechanical amusement equipment. For mechanical amusement equipment that has withstood heavy rain or lightning strikes, it is easy to rust or get stuck. Therefore, regular inspection and maintenance are required. Non-powered amusement equipment has good wear resistance, but it needs to be cleaned in time and the vulnerable parts should be replaced regularly.

3: Check parts regularly

For any amusement equipment, customized maintenance is required to strictly investigate whether the link parts of each amusement equipment are safe and firm, and whether the metal connection is loose. All small parts must not be missing, and the sharp objects raised on the surface of the amusement equipment must be dealt with in time.

Guaranteeing the normal service life of amusement equipment is not only related to the material of the product itself, but also has a deep relationship with the maintenance effect in daily operation. Doing a good job in daily operation and maintenance of products can ensure everyone’s safety.


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