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Safety precautions for large amusement equipment

Large amusement equipment have different degrees of hidden safety problems, in order to ensure the safety of every tourist, it is necessary to do a good job of preparation before the operation of the equipment. Here we introduce the basic functions of several safety devices.  

Safety belt: the safety belt can be used separately on the facilities with slight sway or slow lifting speed without turning over and not being thrown out of danger. The use of safety belt should generally be equipped with auxiliary handles. For the facilities with intense movement, the safety belt can be used as an auxiliary restraint device.  The safety belt is directly made of nylon braided belt and other high-strength belts suitable for open-air use. If it is directly fixed on the FRP parts, its fixed place should be firm and reliable.

Safety pressure bar: some large amusement equipment may lead to the danger of being thrown out, then the device should set the corresponding type of safety pressure bar.  The safety pressure bar itself has sufficient strength and locking force to ensure that tourists are not thrown out or fall off, and the device is always locked before it stops running;  The locking and releasing mechanism can be controlled manually or automatically. When the automatic control device fails, it should be able to be opened manually.  

Reliable locking device.  

Amusement equipment safety device Settings is very important, however, the relevant department of the supervision work also cannot be ignored, Safety risks should be protected by amusement equipment manufacturers, operators, operators, supervision departments and the general public.  


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