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Where can new outdoor play equipment be used?

In recent years, more and more people have begun to pay attention to the amusement equipment market. The operation mode has appeared very early in commercial districts, such as small electric amusement equipment at the entrance of supermarkets, indoor children’s amusement parks in shopping malls, and public fitness in communities. area etc. Where can new outdoor play equipment be used?

Space Crazy Dance Ride

1: Park or Playground

If it is a relatively mature amusement park, its corresponding supporting facilities are relatively complete. And there are still many operators who will rent some places where the rent of the venue is relatively expensive. With years of operation, the types of amusement equipment are relatively complete, so it is necessary to introduce new amusement equipment in the amusement park. In addition, opening a suitable-sized playground will also require the introduction of new amusement equipment.

2: Comprehensive shopping malls or neighborhoods

A comprehensive shopping mall is a place where eating, drinking, and entertainment are concentrated, so the flow of people who come to consume is relatively large. Some large shopping malls even plan a special floor for the development of the children’s section, which has become the first choice for indoor installation of amusement equipment.

3: Community or Kindergarten

The community itself has a certain amount of crowd targets, people go out for leisure and play, and the distance is shorter for easy access, so it is also a very good choice of venues. The main consumers of amusement equipment are younger children, so kindergartens are also one of the best places to introduce new play equipment.



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