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The placement of kiddie amusement equipment in the playground

1. For some popular amusement equipment, or some newly introduced kiddieamusement equipment, managers should place these equipment in a conspicuous place, so as to increase the popularity of them and makethe new amusement equipment known to tourists. Therefore, these devices can be placed in scenic places in funfair, in places with high traffic or ticket offices in playgrounds, etc.

2. There should be considerable space between amusement equipment, which will help children not cause physical injury due to excessive movements duringplaying.

Self Control Plane Rides

3. When placing kiddie amusementequipment, the complementarity principle between equipment should be carried out. For example, educational amusementequipment should be placed with sports games. This is also a skill for placing kiddie play equipment.

4. Many amusement equipment of the same type may have different functions, so when placing equipment of the same type, try to put kiddieamusementequipment with different functions together, so that all play equipment can fully attract children to


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