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Daily maintenance of amusement equipment – flying chairs

1. Check the foot bolts of the rotating flying chair every day to see if they are loose, corroded and rusted.

2. Regularly check the foundation of the flying chair to ensure that there are no abnormal phenomena such as uneven subsidence, cracking and looseness that affect its normal operation.

3. Regularly check the main stress-bearing structure, there should be no defects such as cracks, deformation, corrosion, mechanical damage, etc., and it should be ensured that there are no open welding, cracks and severe corrosion.

4. Regularlycheck the status of each lubrication point to see if it is normal and whether lubricant needs to be added, and lubricant should be added as required.

Before operation every day, the operator needs to carry out necessary inspections on the parts of the equipment, timely lubricate and eliminate abnormalities. Before the official operation, there are at least two trial runs, and the business can only start after everything is normal.

Generally, for three months to half a year, the operator needs to wipe and change the oil on the movement of the equipment, adjust the clearance appropriately, replace the wearing parts, check whether the main stressed parts and welding seams are normal. If there are stains on the outside of the equipment, use soft cotton yarn and a little washing liquid to clean, and then wipe it with car glazing wax.



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