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Space Roller

Type: Space roller
Power: 23kw
Voltage: 380v
Speed: 1-8rpm(Optional)


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Product Details Parameters

Space roller is a common thrill ride in the amusement park. It can give tourists strong sense of rolling, overweight, which is really thrilling and exciting. The space roller rides are highly innovative and high-tech large playground equipment, and belong to stimulating fixed playground equipment. Space roller is common in large amusement park. Its main security constraints is shoulder pressure.

The space roller is with six arms and can take 30 passengers. It looks like a large extended windmill. Tourists sit on the “blades”, then the column slowly rise up, the big arm rapidly revolution, the link-arms rapidly rotation at the same time, the cabins spin drive by the centrifugal force. Tourists sit on the seats which are 18 meters high above the ground, the power surge ride will drive them to tumble, twist, steer, swing and roll 360 degrees.

video del producto:

       Type      Material       Power     VoltageArea with fenceSpeedOperating heightCapacity
Space rollerFRP+steel23kw380v17m*17m   1-8rpm    11m24persons



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