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Disco Tagada Ride

Hight: 4 m
Power: 10kw
Voltage: 380v
Material: FRP+Steel


Mobile: +86 15036116306

Tel: +86-371-6328 7382


Product Details Technical parameters

The tagada disco is a kind of playground equipment which is popular in the world in recent years. In the operation of the equipment, it will suddenly rise and fall, which is bumpy, with countless changes, sometime rapidly and sometimes slowly, accompany with strong, shocking disco music, all of these make passengers feel like a beat note.

The tagada disco turntable is a kind of large carnival ride, whose appearance just looks like a large disc. It can roll, turn and more than 10 functions. Tourists sit in a circle on the seats of the big disc and their body begin to move accompanied by rhythmic music.

People is not fixed at one place when they sit on the disco turntable. The disk in the operation is like the bumpy waves of the sea, or space flying saucer, which is changing infinite sometimes fast and sometimes slow.
Product video:

   Diameter   Size Area    HeightRotating SpeedCapacity     Power
3m6*6m4m0-8rpm15 passenger10KW 380V
4m8*8m4m0-8rpm20 passenger15KW 380V
5m8*8m4m0-8rpm30 passenger22KW 380V

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