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Dancing Flying Ride

Passenger: 16/20/24
Power: 13kw
Voltage: 380V
Material: FRP+Steel


Mobile: +86 15036116306

Tel: +86-371-6328 7382


Product Details

Dancing Flying Ride is a high-speed rotary large amusement equipment. It’s a large disc that can rotate, turn, lift up and down. Tourists sit in the cabins of the large disc in a circle, accompanied by rhythmic music, their bodies move with the disc. The dancing flying rotating and turning ups and downs, make tourists feel like surfing on the ocean waves; or feel like taking a space flying saucer that moving with countless changes.

The hanging cabins that tourists sit rotating high-speed droved by the strong centrifugal force. Thrilling and exciting as if traveling in a space flying saucer, leaving tourists a unforgettable experience.

The excellent innovative design of the Dancing Flying Ride is very in line with modern people’s entertainment psychology and stimulate demand. Henan Dinis Entertainment. offers various good quality Amusement equipment, large or small, a good way to improve your economic benefit of your shopping mall, parks or playground. We are factory direct selling and provide good quality products and lower price.

Typerotation series amusement rides
MaterialFRP &Steel
Areadiameter 7-9M
run time1-8 circle/min (adjustable)


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