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Amusement Octopus Rides

Capacity: 16/24 person
Power: 11 kw
Voltage: 380v
Cover: 5/6.5 m


Mobile: +86 15036116306

Tel: +86-371-6328 7382


Product Details

This 2017 new product small octopus are both stimulating and interesting. Small octopus combined with dynamic music, thrilling, stimulating as disco turntable and was deeply loved by many consumers. Sitting on the house, the tourists have a strong centrifugal feeling. During the equipment’s operation, the visitors can experience 1-2 seconds of weightlessness, like astronauts in Space.

Product video:

Name Octopus gyroscope
Diameter 5m/6.5m
Height 5.5m
Power 7km/11kw
Voltage 380V
Capacity 16person/24 person



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