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Jump and Smile Ride

Capacity: 36 seats
Power: 80kw
Voltage: 380v
Material: FRP+Steel


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Tel: +86-371-6328 7382


Product Details Parameters

The jump and smile ride, also called passion jump, is a new playground equipment produced in Dinis factory. There are usually 12 arms equipped on the equipment, each arm can take 3 people. Tourists can fully experience the feelings of thrilling and excitement when play jump and smile ride, because of the beautifully designed cabins, dynamic music and rhythm repeated bounce up and down. Visitors enjoy themselves so much when play the jump and smile ride.

Beautiful shape and bright colors, the jump and smile ride is a beautiful scenery of the amusement park.

The running ways of jump and smile ride is rotating as well as the cabins rise and fall at the same time. Usually, self control amusement equipment is that passengers controls the lift according to the switch. While the jump and smile ride is fully automatic lifting with fast lifting frequency.

Relatively speaking, it combines fun of self-control plane fun also and thrill of itself. So it is a type of very fun playground equipment!

There are lots of various cabins, includes fashion cabin of three rows in one arm and animals cabins like Pleasant Sheep, dinosaurs, bears and clouds. The number of passengers will different because different cabins.

Product video:

TypeJumping bounce
Space area15m
MaterialsFRP + steel
Capacity36 persons

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