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Marketing business development

Although theme parks and travel agencies often have joint marketing, but the operators should also open their own marketing channels, do business marketing and development.  Theme park is a characteristic tourism product, it can easily do product packaging or combined with other types of business formats, so that their marketing business is broader, more smooth marketing channels.  

For example, it can make strategic alliances with railway bureaus, airlines, etc., to form a theme tour.  The shopping mall does combination marketing, so that customers can get coupons from the theme park when they buy products.  

The wonderful pictures of theme parks can also be widely spread in shopping mall.  It can also be combined with beverage companies to spread the characteristics of its products through beverage marketing channels.  

If the theme park has developed to a certain scale, has a higher quality and a better corporate image, it has a kind of intangible assets, to make good use of this intangible assets, combined with other industries, formats,  

Related business development, on the one hand, can build image advertising for the company, on the other hand, can also develop related derivative products.  


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