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Outdoor amusement equipment rainy day matters needing attention

Summer is coming, summer heavy rainfall weather is more, so in the outdoor amusement park operation, what are the precautions?  Let discuss it together.  

Note 1: safety first  

The safety here refers to both the safety of amusement equipment and the personal safety of tourists.  In case of bad weather,it should be timely shut down according to the weather, turn off the power supply to avoid the danger of electric shock and leakage due to electricity, this is particularly important, and it must not be for the sake of temporary interests, forced operation, resulting in regretful consequences.  

Note two: rain shelter and drainage  

When it rains, we all know that umbrellas and raincoats are worn, and rain shelter of amusement equipment is also very important. We should build a canopy in advance, cover the equipment with rain gear, and try to keep the amusement equipment dry to prevent the occurrence of accidents such as electricity and short circuit.  And to keep the drainage system smooth, timely clean up the site, the water on the equipment, to avoid being soaked in water caused by the destruction of the situation.  

Note three: clean up after rain  

After a storm, you can put the canopy, rain gear, the amusement equipment.  The water on the wipe clean, and the connection of the equipment, safety device and circuit and other parts of the investigation, to see whether there are abnormal and fault problems, rain will bring a lot of bacteria, so it also need to carry out a whole of the equipment to eliminate work, which can use disinfectant or detergent to keep the equipment clean and safe. 


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