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Water Bike with Single Seat

Size: 3.8*1.45*1.3m
Capacity: 1 person
Power form: Step with feet
Dead weight: About 120kg
Color: Any combination of red, yellow, blue and green


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Product Details

A water bike is a water vehicle for tourists to ride, and it is a type of bicycle that can ride directly on the water. The birth of this new type of bicycle is undoubtedly a very big surprise for the majority of sports enthusiasts, especially some people who like bicycle exercise very much.

This kind of bicycle has no wheels. It uses an air cushion that can float on the water and move forward instead of wheels, and drives the entire vehicle forward through the mechanical movement of the upper body. This water bike is only suitable for riding in water and cannot be ridden on the ground. Riding a water bike is like riding a bicycle on land. It is also very convenient to operate. Its seat height can be adjusted. When tired, you can stop your feet and float on the water which is very leisurely. So this kind of bike is a very good solution to play in the hot summer.


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