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Laser Bumper Boat

Size: 2.1*1.6m
Capacity: 2 person
Dead weight: 100kg
Carrying capacity: 300kg
Power form: 12V 150AH storage battery
Speed: 4-5 km/h
Endurance time: ≤4h
Charging time: ≤10h

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Tel: +86-371-6328 7382

Product Details

This product mainly consists of 3 main components:
1. Hull: It is made of FRP gel coat and then synthesized with glass fiber and resin, which has the characteristics of impact and corrosion resistance.
2. Inflatable outer ring: It is made of 0.9PVC mesh folder at high temperature and is reinforced with double layers at each seam. There are special protective strips around it. It has the advantages of convenient inflation, beautiful appearance, bright colors, impact resistance and scratch resistance.
3. Top cover:It ismade of FRP, mainly used for sunshade and rain protection with various shapes.

1. Remote start: 1-12 remote control units can control 1-12 bumper boats at the same time. When the tourists get on the boat and sit firmly, they can start by pressing the remote control button corresponding to the boat.
2. Voice prompt: When the key is turned on, a voice prompt will be issued. After pressingthe corresponding remote control key,the music will sound, and it can be used.
3. Timing and counting: 1-60 minutes can be set arbitrarily, and customers can set it by themselves according to different business locations. Even if the boss is not there, hecan know how much he earnsby accumulating a counter.
4. Laser guns and water guns: This product can be selectively installed with laser guns or water guns according to customer requirements. When tourists pull the trigger of the laser guns, the sound of machine guns will be heard on the boat. When it hits the sensor of the mine, it will make an explosion sound, witha voice prompt, and at the same time, the mine will spray a water column of about 4 meters for 6 seconds. When tourists use the water gun, the front of the gun will spray a water column of about 3 meters, and tourists can shoot each other.


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