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590 Full Roof Boat

Size: 5.8*1.9*1.8 m
Capacity: 10 person
Dead weight: 550 kg
Carrying capacity: 1000-1200 kg
Sailing area: B-grade
Speed: 45km/h
Power form: 60-115HP outboard motor

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Product Details

The 590 full roof boat adopts FRP hull, which is easy to use, strong and durable. The outer surface is covered with fusion of gel coat and resin, which has the characteristics of smoothness, corrosion resistance and low maintenance cost. It can be used in transportation, tourism, fishing, aviation administration, and public security. It also features a windshield thicker than 5mm, a windshield frame made of aluminum alloy, and stainless steel front and rear guardrails.

The main engine is Yamaha high-speed gasoline hanger, and it is also equipped with fully automatic remote control searchlights, 1 pair of electric horns, 1 pair of wipers, 1 pair of sidelights which is red in left and green in right. There is also a set of audio in the cabin. The hull has good stability and maneuverability, and it can be the best choice among similar boats with the excellent speed.

Our company has a complete range of products and various specifications to meet the individual needs of customers. You can customize various types of FRP boats according to your needs.



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