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Rotating Pulley Amusement Ride

Passenger: 20
Power: 15kw
Voltage: 380V
Material: FRP+Steel


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Rotating pulley amusement ride is a very exciting, interesting and highly ornamental amusement equipment, and it also belongs to track amusement ride that single cabin coasting along the track by inertial. Movement mode of the rotating pulley ride: After the sliding single cabin being dragged (chain delivery mode) to the highest point (the hump), it will do free gliding movement by potential energy along the track trend.

Passengers sit in the cabin sometimes rushed down the steep slope, and sometimes rapidly progress forward, suddenly sharp bends, ups and downs. Passengers will experience the unconscious state of movement in the shock and risk of the rotating pulley ride. Disc shape of the cabin, inlaid lanterns constantly flashing, like an alien flying saucer Wiped out, which is very dynamic and the scene is very spectacular. Passengers will enjoy the distinctive ride feeling and have more fun.

Product video:

Power 15 KW
Voltage 380 V
Passengers 20 people
Aira 32-35m
speed 40km/h
Height 11m

Rotating Pulley Amusement Ride


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