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What should children pay attention to when playing the slide combination?

1. When children play the slide combination, they should go up the stairstep by step, and climb to the top of the slide with your hand on the railing, and should not climb up the slide backwards to avoid accidents.

2.Parents should tell children that they must slide their feet down and keep their upper body upright, and never allow children to slide down on their heads or on their stomachs.


3. In the process of sliding, there should be only one child at a time, and the next child can only start sliding after the previous child slides down. Do not let the children slide down one by one, and at the same time, the children should not be crowded, not rush to slide down, so as to avoid being squeezed.

4. Parents tell children to see if there are other children sitting or playing at the bottom of the slide before playing the combination slide.After sliding down the slide, childrenshould leave the slide quickly to make room for the children who are going to slide down behind.

5. Children can not climb freely where there are railings on the slide. In low railings, children cannot push each other to avoid falling.The ladders for some children’s combination slides to climb up are only thin steel pipes, and young children are easily injured by falling from the gap in the middle of the ladder. Therefore, adults need to take good care of children when they are playing.

6. When playing, children should not wear clothes and scarves with long knotted ropes, do not hang key ropes, mobile phone ropes, etc., and girls should tie up their long hair.

7. Please stop littering and keep the slide clean.

8. Children must be accompanied by their parents and playat the specified time.


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