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What should be paid attention to when purchasing outdoor parent-child playground equipment?

Many cities are building parent-child parks, and parent-child amusement equipment has become the focus of attention. From an operational point of view, let’s talk about the aspects that should be paid attention to when purchasing and deploying equipment in the park.

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1. Emphasis on manufacturer experience and safety 

When deploying an outdoor parent-child park, it is natural to pay attention to the purchase of equipment, and the most important thing is the safety of the equipment. When purchasing specific parent-child interaction equipment, pay attention to inspecting the manufacturer’s operating qualifications to ensure that they has rich experience in producing parent-child expansion equipment. Judge its product details by checking samples or other products of the manufacturer, and then pay attention to the production standards implemented by the manufacturer. Make sure the equipment meets expectations in terms of safety and comfort.

2. Purchasesuitable equipment according to planning 

For any outdoor parent-child park, it should first determine the plan of the park before deploying the equipment, so as to meet the theme and style of the park. Because the outdoor area and themes of each park are different and the families they face are also different, so we must first do a good job of local market research and determine the needs of the parent-child groups we face before designing and planning the amusement park, and then purchasing equipment. It can be purchased on demand or customized according to design.

3. Consider operation and maintenance costs 

When users are deploying outdoor parent-child parks, it is natural not to ignore the operating costs of the selected equipment. When they choose parent-child expansion equipment, they also need to consider the later maintenance costs. In order to ensure a continuous and good use experience, it is natural to pay attention to continuous maintenance of the equipment.


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