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The Introduction of Rainbow Slide

Colorful rainbow slide is a relatively popular amusement project at present, which can be seen in many scenic spots, parks and other places. The color and sliding feeling are highly praised and loved by users. The slide is composed of colored high-density polyethylene boards. It is not restricted by any age, adults and children can play, and also is a good choice for holiday parent-child entertainment projects. The charm of color and exciting sliding experience can make scenic spots, parks, or water parks more dynamic and attractive, and at the same time, it is also one of the good projects for quick profits. The origin of the colorful rainbow slides is a new project developed to fill the blank period due to the fact that ski resorts cannot be opened in seasons other than winter.

rainbow slide

Colorful rainbow slides can be set up in different places: scenic spots, resorts, parks, holiday villas, ecological parks, etc. and not limited by the site, even if there is no slope, an artificial landslide can be shaped with steel bars.

The length and width of the rainbow slide can be customized. The slide can be divided into single slide, double slide, and multi-person slide. The conventional slide length is 30-300 meters.

When building rainbow slides, the number also needs to be planned in advance. Under normal circumstances, the number of rainbow slides cannot exceed 5. It is more appropriate to plan about 1 to 4 slides. During the peak tourist season, the number of rainbow slides is just enough to match.


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