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Safety analysis of large amusement equipment

Large amusement equipment is usually very exciting and attracts many tourists. However, for the safety of tourists, the safety of large amusement equipment should be ensured. So what safety measures should be checked for large amusement equipment?

 Safety and insurance standards

For the rider part running at high altitude, the overall structure should be stable and reliable, and insurance standards should be adopted for its important parts.

The number of wire ropes or chains for hanging the passenger part shall not be less than two.A link to the seating section must be considered to be able to connect the balance when disconnected.

The door of the cockpit shall be closed at an altitude of more than 1m. Two locking detaches or one locking detach with safety shall be provided which cannot be opened internally by the passenger.There shall also be secured locking and removal of the block at the entrance and exit of the cockpit that is not closed.

When the method of recreation facilities is in operation, the power supply is suddenly cut off or the equipment fails, which endangers the safety of passengers, it must be equipped with active or manual emergency stop and disassembly.

After the failure of amusement facilities in operation, there should be an establishment of smooth communication and passengers.


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