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Kids Castle Playground

Naughty castle, also known as indoor playground, is a new style comprehensive children’s playground and mainly designed for 3-13 years children to play indoor. Popular themes of indoor playground are jungle theme, ocean theme, antique castle, etc.

kids castle playground, as a new type of amusement playground, its features are rich content, not monotonous and good safe performance, so the children can play in the inside and enjoy it. There are many different items for children to play in the kids castle playground. The children inside is free to choose their favorite items. Such as trampolines, coconut trees, small swing, small castle, small carousel, etc. are all loved by many children. What’s more, there are lots of small colorful soft ball in a pool for children to “swim”.

Castle playground is probably the largest space for the new amusement equipment, and can accommodate a lot of children inside, adults can also be easily involved.

In Dinis factory, there are various types indoor playground for you to choose, also we provide customized service, design indoor playground as your requirements. Most of our customers buy large naughty castle from us to build a play-center for kids and start their first business. We also provide small indoor playground models for home use. 


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