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How to install pirate ship equipment?

  1. Put the main frame of the pirate ship in the prepared position, and then Then place the four columns next to the main frame according to the labels.
  2. Place the column at the 4 screw holes of the main frame, and place the corresponding labeled column on the main engine, then bolt it in place. The remaining three posts should be fixed in the same way.
  3. Install the tripod beam, Lift the beam of the umbrella stand, and place directly above the column. Then place the steel plates at each end of the beam corresponding to the steel plate positions above the four columns, then bolt it in place.
  4. Connect thederrick and the beam lifting lug, insert one end of the derrick into the middle of the beam lifting lug, corresponding to the screw hole, and then fix it with bolts. Install and connect the remaining three davits in the same way. 
  5. Put the hull on the main frameof the pirate ship, then connect the derrick to the hull lug, and mark the corresponding position on the left as shown in the figure, then hold up the hull to match the lug to the derrick screw hole, then pass in the pin shaft and tighten with nuts, and then the remaining three derricks are connected and fixed in the same way.
  6. Place pirate shipapron around main frame of the device, and connect the apron to the mainframe, next, lift the apron and then pass through the connecting hole from right to left corresponding to the connecting hole on the main frame. Connect the remaining aprons in the same way, and then bolt the two aprons together.

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