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Medium track sightseeing train

Type: Sightseeing Train
Power form: Lithium battery
Speed: ≤5km/h
Capacity: 24/36 person


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Product Details

The medium-sized track sightseeing train uses batteries as power, which is environmentally friendly. It is a special means of transportation for parks and scenic spots. After the track is laid, it is safe and convenient to drive. And it’s a reliable choice for transportation in scenic spots. With its gorgeous appearance, it can become a characteristic part of the scenic spot to attract the attention of tourists. 

The body of track sightseeing train is equipped with lights, warning lights and a large number of LED lights. When night falls, the train becomes a dazzling and colorful fairy in the landscape.

The train is also equipped with sound equipment and a megaphone, which can be plugged into a U disk or card reader. And the sound equipment is equipped with a Bluetooth function for leisure and outdoor publicity.

Different Designs

Medium track sightseeing train

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