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Web Celebrity 360 Degree Rotation Bicycle

Capicity : 1 person
Size : 6.5 * 3 * 5.5 m
Weight : 145kg
Power: 0.5kw


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Product Details

Spinning bike can overturn the way we normally ride a bike, allowing us to see the same world from different 360 degrees. And the 360 degree bike has four features

  1. The classic round shape stimulates people’s curiosity, and the fixed rigid frame structure ensures the safety of tourists
  2. The scenic area has a variety of equipment, and it is in urgent need of different equipment and characteristic equipment, there is no doubt that the web celebrity mobile bike will be the device of choice
  3. Its main structure uses steel lattice plate material to seal the edge, the steel tube uses the international galvanized steel, and the surface drawing is anti-rust paint so as to effectively prevent the surface oxidation.
  4. The most distinctive feature is that the ride is a non-powered equipment, which can exercise the human body to the limit of potential

Using range: the product are all auto parts metal products assembled: suitable for buildings, exhibition, opening ceremony, bars, real estate, commercial plaza, shopping malls, square opening ceremony, opening ceremony, tourist attractions, indoor display, collection, market opening, enterprises, commercial exhibition, building opening, landscape decoration, bar lounge, creative home, auto show, etc

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