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Family Roller Coaster For Theme Park


Track length: 280m


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The family roller coaster is a medium sized roller coaster that allows children to ride with their families and enjoy a memorable ride. The family roller coaster is built with climbs, turns and slides, and there are no huge roller coaster reversals, so parents can rest assured let their children take a ride.

The design of its orbits is a complete loop, each carriage can hold two people, and these carriages are linked together with hooks, just like a fast train, but more attractive and exciting than trains. Because roller coasters are an exciting entertainment.The thrill of being fast and safe fascinates many people.The train is driven by the front and rear transmission parts and travels along two spiral tracks, sometimes circling up and sometimes descending rapidly. It is very entertaining and stimulating, suitable for both young and old.The ride brings visitors a sense of novelty and happiness.The unique shape of red snake and the national characteristics decoration make the whole device more attractive and mysteriou

We can also customize the size and shape as well as the decorative style according to customers’ needs. If you are looking for park investment items, the family roller coaster will be a great choice for you. Dinis amusement rides are of high quality and competitive price, choose us and we will not let you down.

Product video:

family roller coaster


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