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Jungle Zipline

Operated speed: 21.5km/h
Carrying capacity: 4(1 person/vehicle)
Suitable for crowd height:  1.2-1.9m
Suitable for crowd weight:  20-90kg

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Product Details

Jungle Zipline is relatively common in unpowered amusement equipment. It is built with the theme of green and health,which is a low-carbon and primitive outdoor exploration project. The main body of the project is to use a track to form a line in the forest. Players hang on the track through zipline, and use the height difference of the starting point and everyone’s own weight to slide down rapidly, so it is an outdoor sport that integrates adventure, sports, entertainment and challenges. The entire movement in the air brings together the elements required for outdoor adventures such as speed, strength, and courage. Players can not only experience the thrill of speeding, but also have a panoramic view of the magnificent landscape of the forest.

As an expedition project that is off the ground, safety is very important, so the project itself has a special protection system. When the players are gliding, they will be connected to a special safety-protected wire rope, which will act as a safety protection from the beginning to the end and return to the ground. 

This outdoor expansion project is suitable for a wide range of people, from children as young as five to healthy people in their seventies. Players can choose according to their own situation. Some areas have routes specially designed for children, so that children can improve their willpower, execution, and judgment while enjoying happy games.
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