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Luxury Amusement Park Flying Chair

Capacity: 36 seats
Power: 13kw
Voltage: 380v
Speed: 8-10circle/min


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Product Details Parameters

Amusement park swings, also called amusement park swing ride, is a very popular carnival swings in the world now. Decorated with colorful bright lights, it has very beautiful appearance, especially fascinating at night. When the big turntable on the top begin to swing and rise up, the beautiful designed chairs hanging under it spinning in the air. Passengers under the influence of centrifugal force will feel like flying in the sky and get a lot of fun from this equipment.

The amusement park swings is a large flying chair ride that combines rotating, lifting, tilting and other movement forms into one, and it’s towering majestic. It combines soft and beautiful lighting, colorful design and gorgeous shape, which is currently one of the most beautiful and attractive playground equipment, and also is one of the preferred project of the standard theme parks or modern playgrounds.

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3 seats1.5 m2 m220v500w0.8m/s
6 seats2.2 m2.5 m220v800w0.8m/s
12 seats5 m4 m380v3.5kw0.8m/s
16 seats5.5 m4.8 m380v4kw0.8m/s
24 seats 7.5 m5.3 m380v5kw1m/s
32 seats10 m 6 m380v7kw1m/s
Double deck8 m 8 m380v6kw0.8m/s

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