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Spinning Teacups

Capacity: 4 cup
Height: 3.5m
Voltage: 380v
Cover: 6m


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Spinning teacups is a type of beautifully shaped classic amusement equipment. Its special mode of operation is full of great interesting and thrilling. The spinning teacup ride is divided into three types: 6,9,12 cups, or we can customize the teacups according to your playground venue.

The cabins of the spinning teacups are modeling as cups, and there usually put a huge teapot as a decoration in the middle. The cup ride will keep rotation and revolution in different speed during the operation process. For the types of 9 cups and 12 cups spinning teacups, they are some differences form the 6 cups ride. The 9 cups and 12 cups spinning teacups can be interactive rotation and cross each other in addition to the function of 6 cups, which increases the equipment interesting and irritating.

The speed of the tea cup ride rotation can be maximized particularly, players can enjoy the most of fun, thrilling and happiness. So the spinning teacups win the tourists love with its unique characteristics and become a special landscape in the park.

Spinning TeacupsSpinning Teacups


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