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Double-layer Carousel

Power: 13KW

Input voltage: 380V

Operating height: 5.1m

Total weight: about 19,000KG

Size: 11m*11m*11m (including the fence) 

Capacity: 38 passengers (upper/lower: 19*2)

Number of cabins: 34 horses+2 carriages (Users can freely combine)

Product Details

Standard Features
European style horses
Dreamy or fairytale carriages
Solid wood non-slip floor or aluminum pattern plate
Spiral Stainless Spiral stainless steel bushing for horse pole and floor hanger rod
Energy-saving LED lights
Electric variable speed drive

Optional functions
Different shapes of animal images, carriages, etc. can be customized
Different exterior coating schemes can be customized
The landscape board can be replaced with a glass mirror
LED lighting can replace dynamic lighting effects
The outer roof material can be customized as stretch fascia
The spiral staircase guardrail can be customized in European iron art style


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