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Europe carousel ride for kids

Material: :FRP+Steel


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Product Details

Dinis Co., Ltd is a leading amusement equipment factory in Henan Province China. Our merry go round has many different styles.
 Antique carousel ride for kids is an amusement ride consisting of a rotating circular platform with seats for kids. The horses connected with the turntable will go up and down along with its rotates gradually. It is widely use in playground, square, park, kindergarten, building area etc.
Electric merry go round horses is an necessary amusement rides in the play center, and Dinis is one of the professional carousel manufacturer. Exciting merry go round consists of a rotating platform with seats. Traditional seats is the horses, in modern design we can produce it with more different lovely animals, cars, and etc. All of kids merry go round ride, the seats can be moved up and down with wonderful music.

Product video:


3 seats1.5 m2 m220v500w0.8m/s
6 seats2.2 m2.5 m220v800w0.8m/s
12 seats5 m4 m380v3.5kw0.8m/s
16 seats5.5 m4.8 m380v4kw0.8m/s
24 seats 7.5 m5.3 m380v5kw1m/s
32 seats10 m 6 m380v7kw1m/s
Double deck8 m 8 m380v6kw0.8m/s


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