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Park Rides For Our Tanzanian Client Are On The Way to Its Destination

At the beginning of the January, we got the inquiry from our Tanzanian client, it was a park project, so he ordered many park rides, such as two worm roller coasters, two break dance rides, a samba balloon ride, a 24 seats flying chair and a kangaroo jump ride. In order to help our customer put these products into market as soon as possible, we speed up the production.

Under the condition of the serious disease, we still finished all customer orders on time with good quality, At present, the epidemic situation in China has been effectively controlled., the Chinese government and the medical staff have paid a tremendous sacrifice and hard work. The Chinese people have always been united as one. We have never flinched in the face of difficulties and disasters. The whole nation worked together to overcome difficulties and disasters. Now, people have basically returned to a normal state of life, factories and enterprises have also returned to normal operations and production. So there is no need to worry about your order, if you are looking for park rides, please contact us for more information, we DINIS amusement will not let you down, let us be best business partner.

Park Rides For Our Tanzanian Client Are On The Way to Its Destination


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