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vintage Train for Our Ukrainian Client

Last month we received the inquiry from our Ukrainian client, he want to buy a train for his hotel, he send us his hotel link, that is really a very nice hotel. We introduced many types of trains to him, finally, he chose a vintage trackless train, because he like the nice exterior very much.

In fact, our train rides have always been our hot product, it is not only attractive in appearance, but also advanced in production technology. Our train rides use professional constant temperature spray paint, the same to car spray paint technology, so that the appearance of the product not only smooth and bright but also more durable and not easy to fade.

Details reflect the success or failure, our products from the whole to part can be done impeccably, The design is not only novel but also humanized, The door handle is made of stainless steel, which is not only beautiful but also easy to clean. High quality of battery, eight hours charge is enough for the whole day use. In addition, excellent customized service is also available.

Nowadays, everything is back to normal in our domestic, the amusement business is becoming more and more booming, The epidemic in the world will pass too, and life will return to normal. The sooner you make preparations, the sooner you reap profits.

 vintage Train for Our Ukrainian Client


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