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How to Attract Kindergarten to Cooperate with Indoor Playground Supplier?

  1. Learn about kindergarten needs

Relatively speaking, private kindergartens are relatively easy to cooperate. However, whether it is public or private, kindergarten requirements must be used as an effective entry point. Therefore, kindergartens that intend to cooperate must first understand the main problems they face, as a breakthrough to start cooperation and communication.

  1. Exhibition promotion

You can communicate with kindergarten. By using the time period for the parents to pick up their children, the booth will be displayed at the front of the kindergarten for publicity, and a leaflet or coupon will be distributed. This is a very effective way of publicity and can effectively obtain customers.

  1. Funding or organizing activities

There are a lot of kindergarten holidays and parent-child activities, park operators can fund or assist kindergartens to carry out such activities, and also investment usually does not need too much money. Not only saves the energy and cost of the kindergarten, but also plays a role in promoting the indoor children’s paradise.


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