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The Delivery of Trackless Train for Our French Client

In the middle of April, we got the quotation from our French customer, he said that he was looking for a kids train to expand his business in the park. Our sales man introduced many types of kids train to him, and he was very interested in the trackless train. Though a series of detail discussion, we finally customized the trackless train according to our client’s requirement. He want the color of each cabin is different, and there is a speaker in every cabin to play music when the train is running. The most special design is the chimney on the top of the locomotive. When the train is running, there is smoke coming from the chimney, accompanied by the sound of the whistle, just like the real train is coming, which is also the customer’s favorite design.

Now the train ride is on the way to its destination, and our client will receive it very soon, I am sure the trackless train will make more money for our client, meanwhile, we are looking for our next cooperation.

The Delivery of Trackless Train for Our French Client


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