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Why are kids carousel rides so popular?

carousel ride is a classical amusement rides, you can see a nice carousel everywhere, such as shopping mall, parks, square, scenic spot, theme park and so on. We can say that each amusement place will have at least one carousel equipment. Then why is it so popular?

First, horse is a kind of vehicle in ancient time, and kids will see many kids of horses on TV, so they will look forward to the feeling of riding on a horse. So when they look the carousel equipment in amusement park, they will eager to take a ride. Whats-more, the carousel was defined as romantic, people will often see loved couples riding on a nice carousel ride on TV, so carousel is also very popular among  adults. 

The specific of carousel is its design and movement. Single up and down may not attract kids, but the luxury exterior decoration and the rotational motion will give people an interesting feeling. in addition, nowadays, the exterior design of the carousel is becoming more and more novel, except horse model, there are many new and cute animal shapes, such as sea horse, tiger, rabbit, deer and so on. And carousel is a kind of very safe amusement equipment, so parents are willing to let their kids take a ride or even together with their children. That will be the best childhood memory of the kids.


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