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What are the criteria for setting the prices of park rides?

With the improvement of people’s living standard, the consumption concept will also change, and more and more people invest in the amusement equipment industry.It has also become a hot investment in park rides.What specific criteria should park rides follow when setting their prices?

The investment and operation of park amusement equipment should investigate the local market situation, consumption level and the number of consumer groups.For example, how many peers are operating in the vicinity of the site, there is basically no competition among peers in this industry, because there are a wide variety of amusement equipment in the park, each operator can choose different projects for investment, and aggregation operation can attract more tourists to consume.

For setting the price standard of park amusement equipment, we can refer to our peers.The consumption level should be determined according to the local per capita consumption level. Generally, provincial capitals and coastal cities have higher consumption level due to the developed economy, while inland county-level cities have lower consumption level.Park amusement equipment prices can be based on the level of local consumption to determine the standard.The number of consumer groups refers to the number of daily visitor flow near the site. The price standard of amusement equipment in parks can be correspondingly increased or decreased according to the number of daily visitor flow. 

Then, it can be determined according to the size of their investment costs.As there are many kinds of amusement equipment in the park, the charging standard must be different. For example, if you invest in a large roller coaster, you need to invest more in the venue rental, so the charging rate cannot be the same as the charging rate of small park rides.

Finally, there is daily consumption.Daily consumption includes equipment operation loss, electricity fee, operator salary and site rent. Daily consumption is different in each region. Therefore, daily consumption should also be taken into account in setting the price standard for park amusement equipment investment and operation.


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