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These Important Notes Should be Noticed While Playing Exciting Amusement Rides

Ferris Wheel:

  1. People who have heart disease or hypertension should keep away from Ferris Wheel.
  2. Pregnant women and the drunk cannot play.
  3. Children under 1.2 m must be accompanied by an adult.
  4. Sharp objects, chemicals and other dangerous articles are not allowed to carry.
  5. Visitors should obey all stipulations and rules about Ferris Wheel.
  6. Queuing up according to the staff’s order. Watch out steps, down before up, and don’t scramble for a seat.


Drop Tower:

  1. We suggest that people who do not have strong physical and psychological quality cannot play this item, otherwise it will leave you a bad memory.
  2. Visitors’ should play in accordance with rules. If you hear abnormal sound or smell peculiar smell, you should rise vigilance and let the staff know.
  3. It should be forbidden to play in bad weather.


Flying Chair:

  1. Visitors’should obey Flying Chair’s rules and follow staffs’ guidance.
  2. Children under 1.1 m cannot play, under 1.3 m must be accompanied by an adult.
  3. Must fasten safety belt during the process.
  4. Loose items are not allowed to carry in the ride, and hands must clench the armrest.



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