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Human Gyroscope Rides Manual


Capacity:1/2 4/6 people

Size: 3.8*2.5*3.5 m

Power: 3 kw

Voltage: 220 v/380 v

Material: Fiber Glass +Steel


Product instruction:

Human Gyroscope  is also called 3 D space ring .When passengers sit on this human gyroscope, it turns 360 degree slowly or quickly to make the special feeling of rotation in three dimension space. Besides, it can relax all your muscle and exercise your body while you are playing.

For this Human Gyroscope , we have 2 seats , 4 seats , 6 seats , face to face , back to back model for your choice . it is widely used in parks, amusement parks,shopping mall,outdoor or indoor playground, theme park, tourist attraction and so on.



  1. In order to ensure the safety of visitors, please obey the staff command.
  2. The player should be ready to start the game (fasten the seat belt).
  3. The equipment operator should not be away from the control box. When there is a problem, quickly turn the emergency stop button switch on the control box.
  4. Do not take a seat if you are not suitable for the disease.
  5. Alcoholics are strictly prohibited from riding.

Maintenance of equipment:

  1. Before each operation, check whether the fastening bolts of each part are loosened, and tighten immediately when loosening is found.
  2. Before opening daily, it is necessary to start the trial operation and check the operation of each part without abnormality. Everything is normal, than the equipment can operate normally.
  3. Check the safety rope every day and replace it immediately if it is damaged.
  4. In case of malfunction or unexpected events, power should be cut off immediately to help tourists evacuate from the equipment, and then proceed according to the procedure.
  5. If the equipment has quality problems or other problems that need to be solved, please contact our company.

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