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Advantages of Playing in the Amusement Park

During holiday, parents always choose to take their kids to the amusement park. However, some people think playing in the park maybe have a bad influence on children’s academic achievement. As we all know, spending spare time in amusement park is a good way to have fun, and it stimulates children to learn more skills. So, is amusement actually good or bad for children?

First, the amusement park can stimulate children’s linguistic competence. Children always observe other children’s behaviors including communication. If some kids are enjoying the roller coaster, your child are more likely to join them and communicate together. Besides, all kinds of theme buildings impact on children’s expression. Children will express their affection for amusement rides and the theme park.

Second, the amusement will improve children’s social capacity. There are many social activities in amusement park, which is beneficial for kids who have less companion. As soon as children think that there will be many friends playing together in the park, they will be super happy. Children will learn new knowledge from others’ behavior, and younger kids are fond of following and talking with older children who have more fantastic ideas.

Third, playing in the amusement park would teach children to be independent. Some kids may afraid of separating with parents, but there are many peers playing together to reduce their anxiety. Thought playing with peers is good for kids to become independent, parents should keep kids in your sight.

Forth, it is a good opportunity for children to learn observing discipline. It is normal to queue up in the park, so every one should line up according to the rule. Children can know that every should obey the rule in the public place and wait with patience.

All in all, playing amusement rides in the park on holiday is a good way to release pressure. Moreover it is beneficial to children’s all-round development.


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